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A day in the life of a nodding dog is usually a very smooth ride, but all that sitting pretty does come with a few bumps.  Showing the world how to live a carefree life in the sun, the best nodding dogs take those bumps in stride and just bop along.  Sun burn, routine abandonment, and the occasional aggressive toddler are all tolerable living conditions for these superb canines.  They really are the cream of the crop among man's best friends.  Where else can you find such a companion that requires very little care and money for upkeep, but offers hours of pleasure and boost your confidence by agreeing with every word you send its way !

Perhaps the hardest part of being a nodding dog is the stationary position that they must endure, a view of the world is limited to the peripheral vision.  Of course, this field can be increased by the slight bobble of the head, but even that does not allow for much more than a good look at the ceiling and the floor.  To help your own dog watch life pass by, make sure you place him or her somewhere with a great view a window overlooking the park or the dashboard of a car are two great options, and maybe mov him around every few days !

As the owner though, it helps to be able to keep your new friend where you can see him.  No more worrying about coming home to find your new shoes turned into a favorite chew toy or cleaning up the mess that was the result of a kitchen raid by a hungry dog.  Nodding Fido also proves to be the greatest listener for a lonely owner.  Don't worry about pouring out your heart to the most trustworthy of confidantes, all your secrets are safe and will never be repeated.  For the contemplative and independent thinkers, every topic, including politics and religion, is open for discussion.

In order to gratitude for the loyalty your nodding dog show to you, make sure you do what you can to make its life easier.  On hot summer days, pull down the blinds to shield your dog from the harsh rays.  At night, provide your pooch with some semblance of privacy so that it can sleep in undisturbed comfort.  For those pooches that are relegated to the car dash, respect their space and try not to throw too much rubbish  in the window with them.  Who wants to smell dirty socks that you played football in?  Not anyone I know.

Finally, all nodding dogs need a little physical activity in their lives.  For those contained few that are kept on a bookshelf or windowsill, you as the owner are entirely responsible for their well being.  Make sure to give the head a few good knocks throughout the course of a day.  The dog will take it from there bobbing till its neck gives out.  The sporty, active dogs that enjoy ride alongs in the car really get those muscles going.  I rarely see car riders sit still for a moment, their little heads take the bumps and turns as they come.  Either type, they go on without a complaint.

Thats the life of a nodding Bobbing Dog ! We would love to see some pictures of any nodding dogs  you have , particulary in a car or exotic places so please email us ome pictures through our contact page and we would be delighted if you would let u use them on our website.