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Buster Nodding Dog ,Bobbing Dashboard animals

Buster the Nodding Dog

Everybody LOVES "Buster" from the Paul O Grady Show

Bluesky Marketing are the creators of Buster after being commisioned by ITV during 2005 and during 2006 Independant production company OLGA TV ( Paul O Gradys own production company ) , from a few photographs we designed Nodding Busters look and Image, arranged production and delivery direct to ITV. Special thanks to Stephen Cameron graphic designer with whom this project would have been impossible to achieve in the creation of Buster and Busters Box.

Our phone has been ringing non stop with people wanting to buy and enquiring where to buy Buster. At the present time due to Advertising Standard Rules we do not have the Nodding Buster available as a Retail product , you can only obtain one by writing to the show or calling in for the competitions on the show or even going to the show or the BUSTER roadshow! They are issuing them in their "Goody Bags".

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Buster 2005 ( ITV Model )
Buster 2006 ( Channel 4 model )
2005 Orange Box Kennel
2006 Blue Box Kennel
Megastar on the move <> Megastar on the move <> Megastar on the move

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