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buster on holiday in canada at niagra falls

Buster At Niagra falls ,Canada


Buster Loves holidays and sure does get around the world ..hes met many famous people in his role as Celebrity dog on the Paul O Grady show , rumours are hes tiring of appearences on the show and wants to start his own production company with K9 ( his recent comeback on BBC series Dr WHO has increased his merchandising revenues ten fold )

buster on holiday at great wall of china

Buster at Great Wall of China

As they both feel they have similiar ideas regarding production values, both feel theres a market and the time is right for a move move back to late 50s production values with wholesome family shows and they are hoping Lassie makes a recovery from rehab to star in a pilot show.
buster trying to convince sphinx to ppear in his latest production

Buster visits the Pyramids in Egypt after signing contract with Sphinx to appear on Show

buster and elvis at one of busters concerts

Elvis says goodbye to Buster after appearing as a guest on Busters Show

buster the nodding dog in india

Hey Princes Diana , was not the only one who visited the Taj Mahal in India

Buster Loves Disneyland
buster the nodding dog in italy

Buster feeling bit Queasy after a long Flight , here he is in Italy

buster the nodding dog in USA to put pressure on president over vietnam

Buster awaits the arrival of President Kenndy for a meeting .. he never did turn up ?

buster the nodding dog in scotland Buster with another celebrity pal ,the Loch ness monster
buster the nodding dog in london , england Buster in his home country on the way to meet the prime minister , Tony blair , the real one ..not that pretend one brown!
Alien nodding Dogs ? Buster the first dog ever on the moon ?
yes mam , buster the nodding dog The Queen takes advice from buster on how best to appear relaxed on TV
nodding buster doesnt always nod - heres buster putting high pressure on president bush President bush and Buster talk tough over climate issues and tax breaks for the film industry but Buster holds firm and steadfast in negotiations
buster the nodding dog visits edinburgh castle for 1 o clock gun Buster visits Edinburgh Castle , is he ? in secret negotations to buy or or hold his wedding there ! ..ooops we let it out ! many rumours surround buster getting married even though we have still yet to see a picture of his girlfriend ?
buster the nodding dog in usa to progress freedom Buster , a great beleiver and freedom for all people and dogs visits the symbol of freedom around the globe , the statue of liberty
buster the nodding dog in rusi red square moscow for  dance Buster takes in the nightlife over at red square in moscow
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